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Bunny Barber, M.S, CCC-A




Bunny Barber purchased Denver Audiology from Betsy Fredrick in 2013.

The practice had previously been in existence since 1992 so it has been here 25 years (a quarter of a century)!

We are located in the heart of Cherry Creek in Denver.

Some often asked questions by my patients:



Why did you become an audiologist?

When I was 16, I used to babysit a deaf boy and became interested in and involved with the deaf community.



Influence on my life: Helen Keller

She was profoundly deaf and completely blind but never let it stop her, always optimistic and positive. She lectured prolifically all around the world and knew many U.S. presidents personally. She always said that it was harder to be deaf than blind (unlike what the general population believes) because “Blindness separates you from things, Deafness separates you from people” (lack of communication).

In this picture, which a patient gave me 32 yrs. ago, you see Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan (her life-long teacher/companion/interpreter), and Alexander Graham Bell having a 3 way “deaf/blind” conversation. Look closely to see Helen Keller “reading” Annie Sullivan’s lips by touch. She is finger spelling into the hand of Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander Graham Bells’s friendship with Helen Keller was the influence on him (also his wife was hearing impaired) to try to help and the impetus for the development of the telephone (AT&T), leading us to that miniature cell phone in your pocket today! This picture is probably rare because the Helen Keller Foundation was in the basement of the Twin Towers and in a building close by that were destroyed. Many pictures, lecture transcripts, and archives were lost.



What did you do before you began Denver Audiology?

I have been an Audiologist for 32 years and have gone down many different specialty paths within the industry. I started out in Deaf Education and was an audiologist/professor @ Gallaudet University in D.C., the only liberal arts college for the deaf in the world. Everything was done/taught in sign language, there was no spoken word on campus. From there I went to Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and set up the first hearing aid dispensing department (The Hearing Rehabilitation Center) in a hospital for Dr. James Jerger, one of the forefathers of Audiology.

Following Dr. Jerger’s lead, this led to Audiologists beginning to dispense on their own in a private practice setting, as they were not involved in dispensing hearing aids prior to that. On the commercial end of things, I moved into Audiology equipment sales. This was fascinating, as the clinical world was evolving into a computerized one (early-mid 1980’s). I helped bring Auditory Brainstem Response testing to N. California by holding educational seminars and showing the advantages to the clinicians (this was before MRI’s). Introduced the first computerized (all-in-one) audiometer (the Aurora) and the world’s first ‘digital’ hearing aid: the Phoenix (the size of an old Walkman-it was huge but started the digital hearing aid on it’s path). I worked clinically with the first computerized sleep study systems, all modalities of evoked response testing, intra-operative monitoring, Electromyography, and Video Epilepsy monitoring. It was so much fun to keep up-to-date on all of the new technology. I liked the cutting edge of medicine and joined the company that introduced the first RIC (receiver-in-the-canal) hearing aid, which is now about 70% of all hearing aid sales. Joined a team to bring a middle ear implant to market and then another that brought the Lyric to market (still the world’s only “extended-wear” hearing aid). I have worked for Oticon and Phonak, the two largest hearing aid manufacturer’s in the world. I finally had to get off the road so I started my own private practice and here I am @ Denver Audiology!

Do you do anything else besides Audiology?

I moved to Colorado because my favorite thing was to ski! I also roller blade, love camping, and reading (I have over 7,000 books at my house. So many books, so little time). I am in multiple game groups (board games, card games, party games: I have about 400 of these) and have a very strong connection with my church. I am a foster animal parent but must learn to stop keeping them!



Why I love my job every day: 

It is my pleasure and honor to serve the Denver community through Audiological services and improving people’s lives through better hearing.  But I still hate the paperwork!! 😀





Krista Ezzell, Patient Care Coordinator:

I came to work at Denver Audiology in August of 2016, after being in retail for 12 years. There are many things I love about working here. Topping the list is working to solve the problems our patients and their families face because of hearing loss. We get to work closely with some wonderful people. In a short time I have learned about Audiology, insurances, and the great community resources available, particularly to seniors.
Personally, I am learning where my strengths and weaknesses are and to be persistent even in the face of challenges. I look forward to possibly continuing my education to include Audiology Assisting or measuring & fitting hearing aids.
My husband David and I have been married nearly 25 years and love spending time with our 5 children, 2 daughters-in-law, and 3 grand kids! We enjoy playing games and camping or fishing with extended family and just being together. We like to grow flowers or veggies in our gardens or work in our yard. Therapy time for me is often spent making art with a variety of media to give away or sell.

Denver Audiology Motto/Dictum:

“Hear Better, Love Life More!”

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