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Denver’s restaurants are among the noisiest in the country

Denver is one of the foodie capitals of the United States, home to a vibrant dining scene enjoyed not only by locals but to folks visiting the city for the culinary delights. But there is a hidden ingredient of risk that comes with the glamor: the findings of a new study list Denver as the fourth noisiest restaurant city in the country. Decibels that do damage Denverites beware, the average restaurant averages around 80 decibels … Continue reading

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Everyday Heroes Assisting the Hard of Hearing Community in Denver

Smile and nod. We’ve all done it, right? You’re in a conversation, and you couldn’t quite make out what the other person said. So, you just smile and nod to be polite, and hope they don’t notice or follow up with a question. “I have definitely been guilty of acting like I understand what people are saying but I really don’t know what they’re talking about,” says Crystal Vaccaro. Everyday Heroes Vaccaro realized that this … Continue reading

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