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As an Invisible Disability, Hearing Loss Often Goes Ignored

Hearing loss ranks near the top of the United States’ most common chronic health issues, yet relatively few people affected by hearing problems recognize the … Continue reading

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Investing in Your Health: Treating Hearing Loss       

If you’ve just been diagnosed with hearing loss, you are probably at a crossroads about whether or not it is time to get hearing aids. … Continue reading

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Everyday Heroes Assisting the Hard of Hearing Community in Denver

Smile and nod. We’ve all done it, right? You’re in a conversation, and you couldn’t quite make out what the other person said. So, you … Continue reading

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The Link Between Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

Hearing loss means you are missing parts of conversation, missing social interaction – perhaps starting to feel a little isolated. In addition to the obvious … Continue reading

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What to Expect at a Hearing Exam

If you think you are experiencing hearing loss or your loved ones or co-workers have expressed concerns, don’t delay getting a hearing test. So much … Continue reading

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