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Bunny Barber

Bunny Barber, M.S., CCC-A

Audiologist and Owner of Denver Audiology

Bunny is the single audiologist and owner of Denver Audiology. Before purchasing Denver Audiology, she enjoyed a varied and dynamic career within the audiology industry.

She began her career working with the Deaf community as a professor at Gallaudet (the only liberal arts college for the Deaf in the world). She then transitioned into research and clinical audiology. She has loved all of the different aspects that audiology has to offer, but what she loves most is building friendships with her patients and providing quality hearing health care.

In addition, she has kept up-to-date with the latest hearing aid technology and enjoys the cutting edge side of medicine. Outside of the practice, Bunny loves skiing (the reason she moved to Colorado), roller blading, camping, and reading. She also belongs to several game night groups and frequently fosters baby bunnies and kittens.

“I have been an audiologist for 41 years and have extensive experience within all the different areas of audiology including clinical, sales, academia, education, training, product development, and technical support for different manufacturers in the industry. More importantly, I feel strongly that I am here to help the hearing impaired to the best of my ability, and, as the owner of an independent practice, my focus is not on “selling hearing aids” to meet a manufacturer’s quota, but rather on the well-being of my patients.” — Bunny Barber