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Denver Audiology

Welcome to Denver Audiology

Hearing is personal. It’s an important part of communication, and having healthy relationships with your loved ones. At Denver Audiology, we want to help you maintain your relationships by improving your hearing. Our private practice is dedicated to providing you with personal, quality service so you can hear the people you love again.

Denver Audiology has been helping the people of Denver and the outlying communities hear better for years. We’ve made it our mission to continue improving our patient’s lives by giving them our time and devoted attention.

The best hearing requires a lens.
Ask your provider about a complimentary Earlens sound demonstration.

Patient Testimonials

Comprehensive and Compassionate Hearing Care

At Denver Audiology our testing process aims to be both straightforward and patient-centric. Four simple steps will help us determine your needs and how best to provide you the best care.

Step 1

The Interview

Help us to understand your unique situation.

Step 2

The Examination

Determine your specific type of hearing difficulty.

Step 3

The Testing

Get the details of your hearing loss situation.

Step 4

The Solution

Determine a treatment perfect for you.

What Makes Us Different

Denver Audiology is an independent private practice, which means we are able to spend more one-on-one time with patients, giving them the proper care they deserve. Unlike corporate-run audiology clinics, we don’t rush you through a hearing evaluation and then sell you hearing aids.

We genuinely enjoy getting to know our patients and will always start every appointment with a conversation. Our practice stands out from other audiologists and ENTs because:

  • We get to know you. When you come in for an appointment, we take the time to get to know you before starting your audiological evaluation. We have built many relationships with our patients over the years and consider them to be like family.
  • We dedicate our time to your care. Unlike other practices where your appointment is rushed and only 15 minutes long, we schedule our hearing evaluations for an hour. We will perform a full audiological evaluation in order to thoroughly assess your hearing loss and will always explain your results.
  • We work with multiple manufacturers. Because we are an independent private practice, we don’t have a commitment to one manufacturer. We are able to work with multiple brands of hearing aids so we have more options to better fit you.
  • Our office is relaxed and informal. Although we are a professional medical facility, we don’t feel cold or clinical. Our office is comfortable and inviting so you can feel relaxed when you come in for a visit. We even provide complimentary beverages served in a mug so you can feel more at home.
  • We are patient-centered. Our interest is not in making a profit. Our goal is to help you hear better so you can enjoy the voices of the people you love and can continue to grow your relationships.