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Hearing Aids

Better hearing for every patient

Hearing Aids We Carry

As an independent practice we carry hearing aids from different manufacturers. Other practices are obligated to sell the products of a particular manufacturer, but that’s not always right for the patient.

Because our patients are our top priority, we carry hearing aids by multiple manufacturers and do not have any obligations to any single brand. We let our patients know that we carry everything available so they can have the widest and best selection to choose from. This requires us to be trained and knowledgeable about all the different types of hearing aids and brands. We believe it’s important to put in the time and effort to stay up-to-date on hearing aid technology to better serve our patients. We will always recommend what we believe is the best for you. With each manufacturer there are different algorithms that determine the quality of sound. We will spend time with you to determine which hearing aid brand gives you the clearest and best sound quality possible.

Finding the Right Hearing Aid

When choosing the right hearing aid for your unique hearing needs, we consider three factors: cost, performance, and cosmetics.

During your hearing aid consultation we will have you rate those three factors determining which one is the most important to you. Based on that information, we’ll go over all the hearing aids that we believe will address your specific hearing needs and your personal preferences. Because we carry hearing aids at different prices we have an option for everyone.

It is important to us that you hear your best, that’s why we will dedicate our time to helping you find the perfect hearing aid. We’ve never had any returns because we take the time to find the right fit for you and never pressure you into buying something you don’t want.


Completely In Canal

In The Canal

In The Ear

Receiver In Canal

Behind The Ear

New Extended-wear Hearing Aids

New Extended-wear Hearing Aids are a type of hearing device designed to be worn continuously for an extended period, typically several months at a time. Unlike traditional hearing aids, which are removed daily for cleaning and charging, extended-wear hearing aids are intended to be worn continuously, even during sleep and showering. These devices are specifically designed to accommodate the wearer’s lifestyle and provide a seamless hearing experience without the hassle of frequent removal and insertion.

New Extended-wear Hearing Aids are suitable for individuals with various types of hearing loss. However, their suitability depends on several factors, including the nature and severity of your hearing loss, the anatomy of your ear canal, and your lifestyle needs. Our expert audiologists will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine if extended-wear hearing aids are the right solution for you. We will discuss your hearing goals, lifestyle preferences, and answer any questions you may have to ensure you make an informed decision.

OTC Hearing Aids

Over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are not a substitute for actual hearing aids. OTC hearing aids are simple amplifiers that will turn up the volume. They won’t help you hear sounds more clearly, or help your brain process sounds again. Also, when you purchase OTC hearing aids you won’t get the same service and quality as you would if you were to visit an audiologist.

At Denver Audiology, we take the time to properly fit and program your hearing aids to your unique hearing loss. We also advise our patients on how to properly use and care for their hearing aids so they can get the most use out of them. Don’t let the low cost of OTC hearing aids keep you from receiving the proper care you deserve.