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Hearing FAQs

Answering your questions about hearing aids

Q: Can hearing aids completely restore my hearing to its original state?

A: Unfortunately, hearing aids cannot fully restore your hearing to its original state. However, they can significantly improve your ability to hear and understand speech, making it easier to communicate with others and enjoy a better quality of life.

Q: Will my hearing loss get worse if I don’t use hearing aids?

A: Yes, if left untreated, hearing loss can worsen over time. Additionally, untreated hearing loss may increase the risk of other health issues, such as cognitive decline, depression, and balance problems. Wearing hearing aids can slow down the progression of hearing loss and help you maintain your hearing abilities.

Q: What challenges might I face when adjusting to hearing aids?

A: When you first start using hearing aids, it’s common to experience an adjustment period. Your brain has become accustomed to hearing sounds at a reduced level, so when you start wearing hearing aids, sounds may seem loud or unnatural at first. However, this adjustment period typically only lasts a short time, and the more consistently you wear your hearing aids, the quicker your brain will adapt to them.

Q. What are some common indications of hearing loss?

A. Symptoms of hearing loss can vary in severity and may differ from person to person, but some common indications include:

  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves
  • Difficulty understanding conversations in noisy environments
  • Mishearing or misunderstanding words
  • Perceiving speech as mumbling or unclear
  • Being told to turn down the volume of the TV or radio
  • Struggling to hear clearly during phone conversations.

Q. What are some treatment options for addressing hearing loss through hearing aids?

A. The appropriate treatment for hearing loss depends on the underlying cause and severity. If your hearing loss is due to earwax buildup, an audiologist can remove it to improve your hearing. However, most cases of hearing loss are caused by damage to the inner ear’s sensory nerve, which is irreversible. In such cases, hearing aids can be an effective solution. Modern hearing aids are designed to fit a wide range of hearing losses, and they can be custom-fit and programmed for each individual’s needs and lifestyle.

Q. Is it possible to use hearing aids to listen to phone calls?

A. Yes, with the advanced technology in hearing aids, Bluetooth connectivity is now available. This means that you can connect your hearing aids directly to your smartphone, TV, or any other streaming device, providing a more comfortable listening experience. As a result, you can now enjoy phone calls with family and friends by connecting your hearing aids directly to your smartphone.