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Hearing FAQs

Answering your questions about hearing aids

Q. Will hearing aids restore my hearing back to normal?

A. Hearing aids will not restore your hearing back to the way it was before your hearing loss. But, hearing aids will have you hearing better than you have in years. Hearing aids don’t just amplify sound, they also make speech clearer, and allow your brain to process sounds again. Treating your hearing loss with hearing aids will have you enjoying a better quality of life.

Q. Will my hearing loss worsen over time?

A. If left untreated then yes your hearing loss will worsen over time. Untreated hearing loss also increases your chances of other health conditions such as dementia, cognitive decline, depression, and balance issues. Through the use of hearing aids you can slow down the process of hearing loss, so you can continue hearing the sounds you love for many more years to come.

Q. What are some challenges when adjusting to hearing aids?

A. When you have untreated hearing loss, your brain adjusts to its current hearing situation. It forgets what it’s like to hear at a normal volume. For this reason, sounds can sound startlingly loud or unnatural when you first start using hearing aids. However, this doesn’t last long. The more often you wear your hearing aids, the more quickly your brain will adjust to them and to hearing sounds again.

Q. What are the common symptoms of hearing loss?

A. Hearing loss can vary by degree and can be different for everyone. Some common symptoms though include:

  • You are constantly asking people to repeat themselves
  • You have difficulty having a conversation in noisy environments
  • You often mishear words
  • It seems as if people are always mumbling
  • People tell you to turn the TV down
  • It’s difficult to hear people on the other end of the phone

Q. What are the treatment options for hearing aids?

A. It depends on your symptoms and type of hearing loss. If your hearing loss is caused by a blockage of earwax, then having it cleared by your audiologist can improve your hearing ability. However, the most common type of hearing loss originates from damage to the sensory nerve in your inner ear. Unfortunately, this type of hearing loss is permanent. However, this can be effectively treated with hearing aids. Properly fit and programed hearing aids can drastically improve your hearing and can be fit for your degree of hearing loss, needs, and lifestyle.

Q. Can I listen to phone calls from my hearing aids?

A. Today’s hearing aid technology is so advanced that they now include Bluetooth connectivity. You can now connect your hearing aids directly to your smartphone, TV, or any other streaming device. This allows for an easier and smoother listening experience. Now you can connect your hearing aids straight to your smartphone and enjoy phone calls with friends and family.

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